MAZE is a prototype of a generative software for audiovisual composing.

One of the central objectives within the development of Maze has been the provision of conditions that allow the synthesis of playful use and creative acting. Unlike traditional adoptions of instruments, an alternative approach should be offered when making music with computers. The graphical user interface bases on icons which make it possible to operate MAZE intuitively. With the help of the generative programming the user can act like a director of an orchestra and decide about the several characters of MAZE. The multisensual experience within the artistic-creative production represents the essence of our work, complemented by the play with perception as means to explore your own consciousness.

Stephan Kloß, Jan Lorenz and Jakob
Gruhl founded the creative work group “ectoplastic”. One of their joint
projects is “MAZE”.

Stephan Kloß, student of Multimedia/Virtual Reality Design, initiated the development of MAZE based on his
form studies, the animation film “Geometric Poetry” and the consequent generative synthesis of image and sound. Jan Lorenz, student of Multimedia/ Virtual Reality Design as well, and Jakob Gruhl, graduated museologist, support him with the conceptualisation and realisation.

MAZE Credits:
Stephan Kloß
(idea, concept, design,programming, sound, drawings, compositing, music, sound,
production manager)

Jan Lorenz
(concept, animation, storyboard, technology, photos)

Jakob Gruhl
(editorial, texts)

Sarah Signer
(translation, voice recording)

Diana Tillmann

Manuel von Gebhardy
(ectoplastic font)

MAZE prototype
Stephan Kloß, 7th semester
supervising tutor Professor Kühnle
Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle/ Saale

interface, trailer
Jan Lorenz, 5th semester
Stephan Kloß, 9th semester
supervising tutor Professor Hanisch
Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle/ Saale

(c) ectoplastic 2013

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