At the top of the news,

the medical community was excited last week about a child born with HIV who was quote: Functionally Cured, of the virus.

Colorado has been fighting for civil unions aggressively since last year’s election put Democrats in control of the state’s House.

Kentucky is also in the news regarding LGBT rights after the state senate approved a Religious Freedom bill.

ABC Family released a promo for one of its two new dramas premiering this summer, one featuring a family with two moms.

In International news:

A Danish Study Published in the International Journal of Epidemiology has shown that Married gay men live longer than unmarried men. The study used Denmark's civil registry to follow 6.5 million adults from 1982 to 2011 and is the first study of its kind to study mortality.

In Russia, Despite the country’s attempt at passing an Anti homosexuality propaganda law, activists in the country have launched and independent quarterly lesbian magazine called Agens.

While this week the city is gearing up for it’s celebrated St. Patricks Day festivities this weekend, there are other reasons to look forward for the summer.

Illinois took a big step forward in HIV patient protections this week.

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