Nina is co-founder of Bioneers. Hear her talk about how we need to unearth and heal a cultural legacy of violence that's insidiously embedded within us to bring about real change. Nina presents the recipe for chance: investing in the web of relatedness and re-imagining leadership as something every one of us is uniquely suited for. This emergent leadership is marked by humility and love.

Watch Nina's complete plenary at Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago's 2012 inaugural event. Nina is a social entrepreneur and Co-CEO and Co-founder of Bioneers. Nina’s life and work are informed by her passion for the natural world, women’s leadership, systems thinking, and the arts’ capacity to shape culture and consciousness.

Throughout her career, Nina has pioneered innovative social marketing strategies for successful ventures that have worked to advance social and environmental change. Previously, she served as president of Seeds of Change and as director of strategic marketing for Odwalla. In each case, she was instrumental in the companies achieving rapid national prominence.


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