Something that I did back in 2005 at Double Edge Entertainment Taipei. This was the job that introduced me to vfx & mograph as a professional. Found the video on my old hard drive ^_^

Title: Double Edge Entertainment
Executive Producer: Bobby Shen/Allen Lee
Producer: Steve Woo
Director: Gary Chen
Storyboard: Gary Chen
Logo Design: Double Edge Digital
3D Contents: Double Edge Digital

1. Buddy Gheen/VFX Supervisor
2. Roger Chao/3D Modeling Lead
3. Keith Lackey/Technical Director
4. Vincent Tsai/3D Animator Lead
5. Ryan Reeb/3D Lighting Director
6. Steve Woo/Director
7. Gary Chen/Lead Compositor

Talents: Double Edge Digital

Editing & Post: Gary Chen
Film Crew: Gary Chen

All rights reserved Double Edge Entertainment 2005

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