No lingerie model this time. Shot by myself single handedly. Actually, duo handedly.
Movie begins with blurry picture of iPad 2 with eyefi software open. By default it shows PhotoRoll for new session. I forgot to create new session so you see other pictures. I try to bring up M240 in front of my iPhone (source of video). Left hand holding iPhone (shakingly), no rig, right hand trying to get photo of Tennis shoe with 240. Is that safe and non-pornographic enough Steve M?
Takes 1 to three shots to wake up system, then the files upload flawlessly. DNG + JPEG Basic. Look at blue progress bar at bottom. If someone else was handling video and I had the system awake, probably a 2-3 second upload time.
Finally, I put down camera, double tap image (magnify/zoom) and scroll.

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