5 Palestinian youngsters - 5 stories - 1 passion

The documentary 'Upside Down' tells the story of five students at Palestinian Circus School. Their daily life, their dreams and wishes. Nothing more, nothing less.

A documentary by Lisa Tahon (Lisa's Productions) in association with Palestinian Circus School.

Ibrahim Jamal Salfiti, Hazar Azzeh, Nafez Imad, Ruba and Rwaida Da’ana, Marwa Al Rifa’i, Noor Abo Alrob, Ahmad Abo Taleb, Mohamed Abo Taleb, Mohamed Abo Sakha, Fadi Zmorrod, Shadi Zmorrod, Jessika Devlieghere, Caspar Sylwan

Director Lisa Tahon
Shot by Lisa Tahon & Levi Vermote
Concept by Karen Van Dijck (EVS-volunteer) & Lisa Tahon
Production Lisa Tahon
Production assistance : Karen Van Dijck (EVS-volunteer) & Rana Nasser
Editing by Dries Derycke & Lisa Tahon
Grading & Animation: Thomas Van der Vorst (at 'The Fridge')
Head Translator: Touhami Jaidane
Translators: Hazar Azzeh, Marah Natsh, Noor Abo Alrob, Mohamed Abo Sakha, Mohamed Abo Taleb, Shadi Zmorrod, Orabi Nakhleh, Ahmed Kamal Gnam, Schaiko Muhammad Noor, Mays Hajjaj, Lieselot Hemelsoen, Mariam Elmas.

All staff and students of Palestinian Circus School, Othman Abdallah and his family, Sinan Mansour, Levi Vermote, Chris Vandooren, Patrick De Neve, Cathérine Lovatt, Lieselot Hemelsoen, Vrijstaat O..

BLOG: upsidedownthemovie.wordpress.com/
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/pages/UPSIDE-DOWN/141200276046088
LISA'S PRODUCTIONS: lisasproductions.wordpress.com/

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