'Broadway - The Pilot (Extended Version)' - Short Film (2013)

A young man begins his training at a local cinema only to find himself working in the wonderful musical world of Broadway.

Directed & Edited by Vonne Patiag
Cameron Woodhouse - Trainee
Rohan Burn - Floor Sup
Laura Bradford - Candy Sup
Alex Wallace - Manager

Creative Exegesis:
This short film was actually created for a short film competition called THE PILOT run by HOYTS CORP. AUS. where they asked their cinema sites to submit a 'short video set to music'. After weighing on our options, the team at Broadway decidedly 'thought outside the box' and played on our namesake site; hence the film becomes an homage to not only the inner workings of the cinema but also BROADWAY MUSICALS.

The project was rushed into production after our initial idea changed multiple times (at one stage we were looking at recreating Star Wars in cinema), but after our idea was locked it was simply a matter of writing the (long) screenplay, researching the different musicals (I honestly had no idea about most of the musicals besides Lion King and Grease), casting and rehearsals. We were lucky enough to have a really talented bunch of kids working with us on the cinema, and the cast and crew all dedicated their free time to the project, so all in all, it really became a labour of love for the site.

After our rushed week of pre-production, we only really had one week to shoot the film, and we maximised our time completely, shooting for seven days straight both before and after hours and even during trading hours (The Cell Block Tango in particular was continually met with crowd applause from patrons lining up for movie tickets). The hand-held aesthetic is a bit heavy handed in some parts but it was necessary to cover more ground with the restricted time limit.

All lines were performed and sung on the day (we took a 'Les Miserables' approach - again this saved a lot of time). The vocals are raw but it suited the raw camera style perfectly.

Please watch and enjoy, see you on Broadway!

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