"Sensations" is the journey of a guitar that goes beyond all its parts. Courage, sadness, joy, passion: they are all a single sensation. That is how Puchero defines his work.

1. The Show

In "Sensations" Puchero presents a Flamenco revived by other music genres and rhythms, a Flamenco commited to openness. Openness to the constant influence from other cultures, thus following the foundational steps of flamenco.

With an extraordinary mix of tradition and virtuosity, Puchero is a flamenco guitarist with a strong focus on innovation, provocative in many occasions. Innovation comes from the roots of Flamenco and he is provocative in broadening the horizons of the Flamenco art. Puchero weaves, leads and increases the melody creating other musical climates and moods that open pathways of evolution. In his compositions, Puchero extends the Flamenco style from within and from the proximity with other traditions, such as international folklore, jazz or the so-called classical music, always directing all from its own personal prism.

Song: Jorge Mesa "Pirate" and Raul Levia
Violin: Gloria Wasmer
Bass: Paco Perera
Percussion: Antonio Villaverde
Dance: Isaac Barber

Cristina Castellví Sarbakhshe
email: ccastellvi@barcelonaflamenco.e­s
mov.: +34 670267276

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