Rande Cook was born in 1977 in Alert Bay, B.C., a small community off the coast of Northeast Vancouver Island that is rich in Native culture. He was raised by his culturally devoted grandparents, Gus and Florence Matilpi who taught him the traditional dancing and singing of his Kwakwaka'wakw culture. He had the opportunity to dance in all different types of masks and developed an appreciation for the carving that was involved in bringing a character to life as a mask. As he grew up, he spent more and more time with his grandfather Gus, observing his artistic talent and asking many questions.
Today, Rande resides in Victoria where he is perpetually inspired by his culture, family, mentors and the artists he meets. His sense of design is sophisticated and unique; bridging the traditional Kwakwaka'wakw motifs with modernist and abstracted styles. Rande is an exciting carver to watch, as he represents the future of great Northwest Coastal art. In February of 2008, Rande was passed the honor of Chief of his family lineage at a potlatch in Alert Bay, B.C.


Video produced by MeewaCinema

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