"Best at Sea" follows in the footsteps of such classic television shows as The Larry Sanders Show, Fernwood Tonight and 30 Rock.

It is a show about a show.

Veteran entertainers Tom Drake, David Sayh, Elliot Finkel, Ian Finkel and Michael Minor all play themselves in this half hour one-camera comedy about five entertainers who are hired to stage a talent competition onboard a cruise ship at sea.

Every episode is full of funny and sometimes stressful moments as the cast struggles to produce a new show every each under the direction of “ two suits” from the network who always seem to be on set, in the way, but somehow never on camera.

The opening, closing and comedy variety showcase scenes of "Best at Sea” are filmed inside a stunning 1400 seat theater onboard a cruise ship and will feature the twelve piece "Best at Sea" orchestra under the direction of the “Maestro” Elliot Finkel.

The opening scene of "Best at Sea" each week features a comedy monologue by Michael Minor, the host of the imaginary talent competition. Michael who is a singing ventriloquist and impressionist, is assisted onstage by his pal Grandpa, a grumpy senior citizen puppet who is quick to point out who and what he doesn't like in life and who is also quick to break out into song impersonating famous singers of past and present.

Midway through each episode, cameras return to the theater as “Best at Sea” showcases one of the amazing comedy or variety acts appearing every week on ships around the world.

The closing scenes of "Best at Sea" each week presents a performance by one of the many award winning musical entertainers starring at sea.

“Best at Sea” combines a Late Show type opening with a “Curb Your Enthusiasm middle and an “American Idol” close create a fresh idea for a television show.

Every episode of “Best at Sea” is filmed entirely on location on a cruise ship. Viewers who have never cruised before are given an inside look at life on these amazing floating palaces and viewers who have cruised before are given a chance to relive that experience every week.

Each episode of “Best at Sea” includes a special guest star that plays the role of the celebrity judge. These special guest stars include well known comedians, actors and singers.

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