Wind out of the south...where to go..

Bit of a ques but tried the Zandmotor first before the Maasvlakte...Zandmotor would give smaller waves, but more line in it for waveriding...Maasvlakte would give bigger messier waves..

My biggest worry was if the wind would get through at the Zandmotor and it was!! Decided 5.2 to be sure to have enough with this off-shore wind had to tighten up 3 times because the wind was getting stronger and stronger and I was overpowered..

Did hit some waisthigh waves in a nice way and tried some aerials...first attempt was a hit and I was few attemps I just made it to get the fins out of the water...guess I picked not steep enough waves

When I got overpowered I quited the aerial attemps and did the wave smashing thing to get nice spray :)

got some air to on the way out..nice

only the 4th session this year...I want more!!

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