Psalm 90 is a song of Moses for the wandering children of Israel. At
this time, the Israelites were a transient people, and in no way were
they established in a particular region. They were without roots in the
traditional sense, yet God was establishing them as the people of the
Lord. He was providing all of their needs and leading them so they
could be forever established in a promised land.
Moses sings his Psalm 90 prayer and asks God to “...establish the work
of our hands.” In other words, the miraculous way the Israelites were
being sustained was not the ultimate plan. The miracles were simply the
means. The establishment of God’s people in Israel and their legacy
as being God’s chosen people were the real desires of Moses and
Moses’ God.
Similarly, God wants to establish the work of your hands. He wants to
partner with you in building a legacy of faith, a legacy of family, and
a legacy of purpose that cannot be established through laziness or
Let’s be the people who persevere through faith and patience in pursuit
of the Promises of God. Be established and let your life’s work speak
well of you and of Jesus Christ to future generations.
Pastor Jonathan Wiggins

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