36000 FRAMES RGB (99 EPISODES/PARTS) HSL COLOR MODEL: Hue 001-360°, Saturation 001-100, Lightness 001-099 (Part 001-099) Black/White/Grey (Part X)

The stories and pictures are neither new nor exceptional and even the underlying concept is in this sense no exception. But this way there is something for everyone. The individual episodes have a length of 25 minutes and can stand for themselves. It is not necessary to watch chronologically, but then you might miss the overall dramaturgy of the series.
In each sequence there are 100 rotations of the color wheel, starting at a saturation of 1 and ending at 100 in the HSL color mixing system. The first episode has a brightness of 1 and is still quite dark, but this changes as the series progresses...

aliceblue, antiquewhite, aquamarine, aqua, azure, beige, bisque, black, blanchedalmond, blue, blueviolet, brown, burlywood, cadetblue, chartreuse, chocolate, coral, cornflowerblue, cornsilk, crimson, cyan, dark, deep, dimgray, dodgerblue, firebrick, floralwhite, forestgreen, gainsboro, ghostwhite, gold, goldenrod, gray, grey, green, greenyellow, honeydew, hotpink, indianred, indigo, ivory, khaki, lavender, lavenderblush, lawngreen, lemonchiffon, light, lime, limegreen, linen, magenta, maroon, medium, midnightblue, mintcream, mistyrose, navajowhite, navy, navyblue, oldlace, olive, olivedrab, orange, orangered, orchid, palegoldenrod, palegreen, paleturquoise, palevioletred, papayawhip, peachpuff, peru, pink, plum, powderblue, purple, red, rosybrown, royalblue, saddlebrown, salmon, sandybrown, seagreen, seashell, sienna, skyblue, slateblue, slategray, snow, springgreen, steelblue, tan, teal, thistle, tomato, turquoise, violet, wheat, white, whitesmoke, yellow, yellowgreen
anger, desire, excitement, love, passion, geniality, vitality, happiness, hope, enviousness, harmony, confidence, loyality, serenity, noblesse, romance, providence, tenderness, comfort, endurance, fear, sorrow, tension, melancholy, modesty, sadness, morality, purity

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