Primarily a test of the functionality of the Flame Chord Machine and some modules I picked up yesterday, so no real track. Chords and arpeggiation are generated by the Flame Chord Machine in Quant Mode. Only major and unison chords used – root tone is controlled by an Analogue Solutions SQ8 sequencer.

Chords are played by the Analogue Systems Sorceror: 3 RS-95 VCOs through a mixer, the RS-110 Multimode Filter, VCA and finaly through the RS-240 Bode Frequency Shifter. Some modulation of pulse width, filter cutoff, and amount of frequency shift (using 2 envelopes and LFOs).

Arpeggiation is played by an E350 Morphing Terrarium and an E340 Cloud Generator. The E340 goes through a STG Sea Devils Filter, the E350 through a VCA and both are treated by the E580 Resampling Mini-Delay in “Tape” mode.

“Drums” are controlled by gate signals of the Oberkorn. “Bassdrum” is a sine from a Doepfer A-110 standard VCO with frequency swept by an envelope. “Hihats” are some noise through a Make Noise QMMG – two channels one in lowpass, and second in high pass mode and both go through an RS-90 Echo.

All recorded on 7 tracks of the Zoom R16.

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