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The worlds, first, largest and most innovative 24 hour global, follow the sun virtual conference, now with two tracks, paid speaker and mixing the digital and physical conference worlds.
Content accessible without registration, pushed to Kindle, Evernote, on iTunes, Vimeo, YouTube and Soundcloud.
Tomorrows Future Today, the community has spoken, your platform is ready.
TFT12, December 5, 2012, 24 speakers, 24 timezones.
• 1.2 million social impressions in 24 hours
• 31,000 reach on twitter
• Seen in over 30 countries
• 22,487 views of speaker submissions on
• 3,927 views on YouTube
But where do you find TFT12 and TFT13?
Unlike traditional physical conference, TFT speaker content, partner and vendor support is found everywhere you look, in every app on your mobile phone, TFT speakers and content is found. This is not about content, is is about accessibility and inclusion.

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