Poor quality filming on a warm & windy day at Levington Marina, UK.

Thanks to Jane one of my crew for the walking :-))

I edit with ‘Thomson Grass Valley, Canopus Edius 5’ known as (Edius 5) this is a test showing the Stabilisation software within Edius 5, it's called ‘Mercalli’
Edius 5 is the fastest High Definition Editor on the market and never crashes, perfect for large & small film projects alike.
The only down-side to this software is the (DONGLE system)

Handy tips:
However, you can load Edius 5 to as many computers as you like and then edit anywhere you wish, as long as you take the dongle with you to start Edius 5.
Better still, if you have loads of computers in one area working you can remove the DONGLE once Edius 5 is running and Edius 5 will carry on working, so the DONGLE is free to start Edius 5 on other computers, and so on.
Better still, once you have started Edius 5 with the DONGLE removed it, don’t shut down Edius 5, put the computer into standby mode, for hours or days however long you wish, then restart from standby mode, and you will carry on editing as normal without the DONGLE….. How great is that?

In conclusion:
Not only is Edius 5 a very powerful editing system, you are only needing one set of software to run a whole Studio and editing suite. :-)) :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))

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