Electrogenic time lapse recap of Fractaltribe presents Science & Spirituality w. Atmos in Worcester, MA on March 9, 2013. Song is "Power On" by Atmos.

We are pleased to have partaken in this magical event full of great vibes and happy people. Thank you to everyone who worked to diligently to make this gathering possible.

The time lapse covers the entire event; chronicling the 12 hour tribal gathering from start to finish. The intent was to digitally capture the energy and essence of the gathering and share it with the world--although it should be noted that nothing compares to actually being in the presence of the abundance of Love emitted from everyone and everything there--

I enjoyed every moment of my experience and in typical Fractlatribe fashion there was a harmonious flow to the night with meticulous attention to detail. From the beginning it was magic; connections at the drum circle, yoga, and pot luck set the pace especially with a fruit smoothie bar and Tea Man's galactic yerba mate blend. The progression of the night in "The Lab" went from psychedelic IDM to four on the floor progressive psy to thunderous dark psychedelic trance for the peak nighttime hours. Soon it was back down again to that groovy uplifting morning melodical psy during Goatone and Atmos while finishing with sunshine pouring in from all directions illuminating the entire dance floor with radiant smiles. For those lucky enough to last, the energy welcoming in an incredible morning were beyond cosmic as the dance floor went straight bananas (literally) during Animaltek's never ending set. Switching between the vibes of the different rooms only proved that many universes exist within the same larger multiverse, as the Sanctuary provided the perfect opposite to balance with the large installations and powerful nature of the the Lab. The Sanctuary provided a warm homelike feeling in a smaller enclosed room with rugs, hanging neon origami butterflies, and psychedelic UV egyptian paintings by Omolak while being flooded with drippy dubs, Drum&Bass, groovy techno and minimal, all with the overlaying sounds laughter.



Recorded sets:
Digital Vagabond- soundcloud.com/digitalvagabond/science-spirituality-dj-mix

-Yoga by Denise Welsh at 8pm
-Live painting by Kai Griffiths and Alyssa Treepenis (Funky Stuff/Fractaltribe)
-Live painting by Dizolver
-Deco installations by Omolak, Aaron Fractaltribe, and Hole Tribe (Fractaltribe)
-Sculpture by Sean Norton
-Crystal energy from Spectral Sanctuary
-Fruit smoothies, energy balls and bodypainting by: Supernova Superfoods
-Flier design by Pixel Manipulating Fractilian (Hayley Carloni)

:: Visuals provided by ::
Lunecell (Fractaltribe)
T ∆ M ∆ R ∆ (Fractaltribe/Brain Trust//Boston)
Oculus Prime (Artistic Projection/Fractaltribe//Boston)

Schedule of events:

in the Sanctuary:
7pm - drum circle
8pm - yoga
9-1030 Robot Ears (minimal)
1030- 12 illDub (dub)
12--130 Diwrecked vs Deph (techno)
130-230 Skytree dj set(IDM)
230-330 Icaro (live psydub)
330-430 Digital Vagabond (psydub)
430-530 Mizeyesis (drum n bass)

in the LAB:
10-11 Serialkrusher (live IDM)
11-1230 Supersillyus (Psilly Sybient)
1230-130 Ondrase (progressive psy)
130-245 Artemis (forest psytrance)
245-415 Omolak (Dark psytrance)
415-530 Kokopelli (twilight progressive/zenonesque)
530-730 ATMOS 2 hour retro-future set
730-845 ANIMALTEK (techno)

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