Week 2 — Galatians 1:6-10

In a compelling tone, drawn from disappointment and love, Paul begins his letter to the Galatian church with a heart-wrenching rebuke and three crucial lessons: (a) the unfortunate tendency for many Christians is to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ only to abandon or desert it for something they believe to be "good news"—and this is a deplorable, heinous act that shouldn't be tolerated; (b) this tendency is usually drawn from a condition of heart—we often abandon Christ for something or someone else because, in our hearts, Christ is not the one whom we cherish and seek the approval of; and (c) although this tendency occurs almost daily in our lives and although we are prone to wonder and forget the God we love, Christ will never forget us—while we were yet sinner, Christ died for us, meaning He cherishes and cherished us in each moment we failed to cherish Him.

And this unconditional, unrequited love that Christ has for us should be reason enough for us to hold tightly onto the "true" gospel—that of Jesus Christ—and cherish Him eternally in every arena of our lives.

Phillip Lee
17 March 2013
Eden Korean Church

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