Dating, Relating, Mating, and Waiting

The Bible has a beautiful and inspiring message about love, romance, and sexuality. God is passionate about your love life because true love was created to be a reflection of His character.

This one-of-a-kind sermon series has been specifically selected from Pastor Hall's presentations that have helped thousands of youth make a commitment to allow God to write their love story. With four hours of powerful preaching, interactive illustrations, and sound, Biblical advice, this DVD series is essential for anyone looking to experience true love, or teach youth how to follow God's plan for love, sex, and marriage.

Dustin Hall is an ordained minister, husband, and father of four joyful children. Before becoming a full-time pastor, Dustin utilized degrees in psychology, religion, and evangelism to teach Biblical sexuality in public and Christian schools.

This is a promotional video for a 2-DVD Series entitled, God Cares About Your Love Life that Dustin Hall has compiled.

Shot on a Sony EX-1, edited in Premiere on a PC. Music purchased from Gene Michael Productions. Titles: Niagara | Plains of Africa | Replay the Day | Thief

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