My name is Zac Griffith and this is a film of a Florida Mountains Muzzleloader Ibex Hunt. I have become desperately obsessed with the Florida Mountains and their exotic treasure. The Persian Ibex perch high, in inaccessible terrain and seemingly mock hopeful hunters approaching from miles below. The hunter, Ben Buntrock has defied all odds by obtaining an ibex permit. The ibex survive 365 days a year. Any ibex is a trophy. With his sights set high, Ben is approaching the challenge with two weapons: A long-range muzzleloader and Antler Addiction Outfitters. Their motto is "Tag Out" for a reason.


[Artist]: EMINEM --
[Song]: Not Afraid --
[Album]: Recovery --
[Year]: 2010

[Artist]: AC/DC --
[Song]: Thunderstruck --
[Album]: The Razor's Edge --
[Year]: 1990

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