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So I had this bright idea to make stick men light up suits and go snowboarding. I made the stick men as well as the RGB suit out of LED strips. The strips are powered by 10 rechargeable AA batteries. The suits took some time to make but not too long. The hard part was the repairs. Turns out LED strips get brittle in the cold. I've never spend more time soldering (and re-soldering) in my life! Every time I'd shoot someone would lose an arm or a leg. I built 3 stick man suits (red, green, blue) and a multi-color RGB suit. The RGB suit held up the best because it didn't bend as much. The light painting at the end is just that, light painting. Nothing was generated in after effects. I had a flashlight that you could turn different colors. Everything was shot on a Canon 7d.

I'm usually shooting photography and this is the first video I've done in a while. I'm pretty rusty with editing and this was somewhat rushed so I could make a deadline for the Mountain High Video Wars contest. I hope you enjoy it! I plan to get better riding and some powder shots at some point. It's tough riding at night because conditions are pretty rough.

Unison (Knife Party Remix) - Porter Robinson

Like my photo page and get updates on the next video or cool photos

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