Michael Plank held this talk at btPLAY2012 in Cologne.

Description of his talk:
“Hell, it’s about time!” We’ve been waiting for hardware accelerated 3D content in the browser for so long! Using the latest Flash Player 11 Stage3D technology, we can now finally create stunning 3D games and interactive applications we’ve always dreamed of.
In this talk, Michael Plank from Pro 3 Games will upgrade your skills to the third dimension. Starting off with some basics about 3D geometry, shading, lighting and texturing, he will share his knowledge about moving art and development workflows from 2D to 3D and which kind of new tools, libraries and techniques are involved in this process.
Michael will demonstrate the work pipeline, starting with a concept art to finally interacting with the 3D asset in real time, using examples from the Flash 3D action game Delta Strike, he and his team are currently developing.
The pros and cons of other 3D browser technologies like Unity and WebGL are covered at the end of the talk.

btPLAY is an event of the beyond tellerrand series dealing with creative coding and making things.

More information about beyond tellerrand:

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