Digital Video 2013

I am fascinated by how our culture is quickly merging with technology because of the

limited and fragile design of the human figure. My imagery conveys worlds where the line

between organic and machine becomes blurred, giving birth to fictitious creatures where

the characteristics of the two are indistinguishable. I depict mechanical apparati to

resemble living organisms functioning in architectural environments full of danger, beauty,

and comedy. I narrate the common struggles we have with the limited and fragile design of

a human body. Advancements from machines are shown through repairs to people and

animals broken appendages. Self-building structures, timelines that hold birth with decay,

and temperamental invasions between opposing forces fill the picture plane. My ideas derive

from humanity under the umbrella of technology and portraying possible advances with the

joining of the two species.

Lennon Michalski 2013

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