Whilst looking for a solution to reduce the amount of cable needed for a customer, igus gave birth to readychain; a pre-harnessed energy chain designed with the customer in mind.

For some customers, cable would be taken from the drum leaving odd lengths behind that couldn’t always be used. Also, a large part count of components, such as connectors, crimps, labels, etc., would have to be purchased and stocked, adding extra logistical costs.

With the igus readychain service, all of the above issues are eliminated – igus does all of the work. All the customer has to do is determine exactly what it wants and let igus supply the energy chain fully assembled and ready to fit.

Any degree of harnessing is possible; from simple systems with chainflex cables fitted, right through to complex projects made up of hundreds of components. Since igus has its own readychain factory fitted with the most state-of-the-art equipment with over 130 specialists and a test lab that thoroughly tests all components to certified quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

igus readychain is increasingly becoming ever more popular and, at the moment, igus is producing up to 1000 systems a week.

For more information visit igus.co.uk/default.asp?PAGE=READYCHAINS&wt.mc_id=VIM-02

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