in our intro to ad class, the second project was to communicate our company's brand story.

my partner and I decided to bring life back to dippin' dots and personify it by creating a character that's as unique as they are. meet dip dot.

music: mihai sorohan (
graphics/animator: Marissa Ebanks
copywriter: Tebello Mosenene, Marissa Ebanks
narration: Marissa Ebanks

"One bright summer day,
in a small town called Sunbay,
a little chap named Dip Dot was born.
He liked candy corn, and liked to play the French horn.
He was unique,
quite a mystique,
but most thought it would make him weak...
At first, it made him sad,
but then he was glad, because he wasn’t a fad!
He was Dip Dot, the one and only,
someone everyone wished they could be.
He brought glee to every child the eye could see.
He was Dip Dot, the one and only, the legendary."

a little side note: i notice that i animated this very similarly to my holiday video... seems i have a bias, ha. nonetheless, hope you all enjoy our piece.

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