Tapt og Funnet, translated Lost and Found, is the story about a troubled young man, Joachim. He has problems sleeping because of an incident with his brother. Joachim has a lot of guilt after what happened, but chooses not to talk about it. His psychologist wants Joachim to open up and talk about the incident, because he knows things are not as they seem. That’s when the psychologist suggests a game of chess at their session, but with an extra rather unusual rule.

This is the final edit of a short film I made with some classmates earlier this year. It was a school project, we were given one scene of a script, and our task was to finish the script and then shoot it.
Two weeks within the project we were all finished with the pre production and we were ready to shoot, but due to various reasons we weren't able to shoot it. So we had to start from scratch, with a new story. The brilliant mind of Joachim Krogvold quickly came up with a great idea and we started writing it immediately. Since we only had three weeks instead of the original five, we all agreed on making the script short, maximum 6 pages. However the script became 11 pages. So we had a lot to shoot in a very short amount of time.
Eventually we wrapped up the shoot and there was about one week left for post production. There were a lot of red bull and many late nights, but I finished the film about 30 minutes before deadline. However there were some goofs in the edit, so I decided to "fine tune" it a bit before I uploaded it.


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