Welcome to my next fandub project; Super Mario Bros. Z Fandub! I'm Taniyatsu (but this will be my fandub channel). We decided to finally kick this project starting after having difficulties to find a proper cast for it. In this first episode we have the female narrator at the end. I hope you enjoy your time with this fandub as much as we love to do it! HUGE thanks to the man itself who I got an "OK" to do this and who created this awesome series; Alvin-Earthworm! Check his Newgrounds page at alvin-earthworm.newgrounds.com/ and his SMBZ fansite smbz.vglan.com/


Goomba - Jake Caserna
Mecha Sonic - CardinalRabbit
Lakilarry - gigaspy0
Kamek - gigaspy0
Bowser - Jared Johnson
Narrator - IcesWolf25

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