Speedolaser is an interactive product for cyclists.
It has the functions of a bicycle speedometer: speed display and latitude display.
The display is projected on the floor with laser. It can be projected onto any surface, no matter it's flat or uneven, a road or a tree. The speedolaser will automatically scan the surface and alter the image.
Two additional functions that a common speedometer doesn't have are added to Speedolaser: navigation and handsfree function.
You can tell the Speedolaser the destination you are heading to, and the Speedolaser will guide you with arrows of four directions. The meter will notify you if your bike gets into a wrong way.
You can answer, reject and end a phone call by hand gestures. Clench your fist to answer, unclench it to reject or end the call.
When the bike is too close from a vehicle in the front, Speedolaser can detect it and warn you.
There is one more extra function. It can display text that you set right before you use it. This is done by simply putting a .txt file into the digital storage of Speedolaser.

Music: Charlie Brown by Coldplay

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