I am very grateful to dancer/choreographer Makoto Hirano for being open to filming an excerpt of his new solo work, "Boom Bap Tourism" which he performed a workshop presentation recently at the Asian Arts Initiative and is one of the best solo performance pieces I have seen in years.

"Life Dance" is an excerpt of that work and this is the second take that we did using the Pegasus II and the GH1.

For more details of my findings visit componentgeek.com

So it's exciting results and I think many people will be able to use this little mini Pegasus II steadicam device for so many kinds of shoots. I hope this is just an example of one of the many possibilities.

By the way, the sound design by Mikaal Sulaiman is so integral to this piece and is just amazing.

This version of "Life Dance" was from the "Boom Bap Tourism" performed at the Asian Arts Initiative on August 7, 2009.

Creator/Performer: Makoto Hirano
Project Mentor: Hellmut Gottschild
Dramaturg: Andrew Simonet
Sound Designer: Mikaal Sulaiman with additional engineering and composition by Dan Giraldo

Videographer: Gary San Angel

BBT is made possible through an Independence Foundation Fellowship, co-production support from the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, Yoga Sutra Philadelphia, and Asian Arts Initiative.

Stay tuned for Elemental Dance by Makoto Hirano!!

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