Directed by Shirley Han Ying, this series of seven videos reveal the stories behind each finalist of the WYNG MASTERS AWARD (WMA) 2012. In the fifth video, Singaporean photographer, Wei Leng Tay talks about the changing district of North Point illustrated through the lives of local inhabitants. Her series - 'North Point' - was selected as one of the seven finalists of the WMA 2012.

Wei Leng Tay's approach examines how people’s relationships, priorities, and ways of life are shaped by the socio-political landscape of the places they live in. She has held exhibitions in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Bangkok. Her work is collected by museums such as the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.

Over the last decade, Hong Kong’s rapidly widening wealth gap has resulted in an economically unbalanced and socially unequal city. The high level of economic disparity outstrips that of other eminent world cities. Amidst great affluence, 18.1% of Hong Kong’s population lives at subsistence levels. Failure of policy leaves many struggling to achieve a living wage and to maintain their dignity.

The WYNG MASTERS AWARD (WMA) for Photography is a non-profit project initiated to spark public awareness and to support interest in socially relevant issues of great importance to Hong Kong and its people. WMA’s mission is to stimulate discussion and to encourage the development of social responsibility in Hong Kong by employing the medium of PHOTOGRAPHY to explore these subjects. WMA’s theme for 2012 is Poverty.

由Shirley Han Ying執導,本系列7個短片展示了「WYNG大師攝影獎2012」入圍攝影師作品背後的故事。在第五個短片中,新加坡攝影師鄭瑋玲通過社區居民的生活來講述北角地區的變遷。她的攝影系列 「北角」入圍2012年WYNG大師攝影奬(共有七名攝影師入圍)。




Credits (製作人員):

Shirley Han Ying - Director/Producer, Second Camera, Video/Audio Editor (導演/製片、第二攝像師、視頻/音頻編輯)
Chris Gelken - Associate Producer, Main Camera (副製片人、第一攝像師)
Music "Dub Eastern" by Kevin MacLeod ( licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0". 音樂 "Friday Morning" 由Kevin MacLeod (,在Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"條件下授權使用。
Special thanks to Wei Leng Tay & Magdelene. 特別鳴謝-鄭瑋玲 和 Magdelene

A Ridealist production in association with WYNG Foundation.
本片由以上雙方共同制作。Copyright © 2013 版權所有。

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