Artist Statement:

Patrick Thoits

Nonfiction Media: Sustainability and Justice

This Project

My video essay has been an interesting process. I initially was trying to use media as a way of seeing myself from a different perspective, and relate that to accountability and then sustainability. But it started to fall apart on me. I hit a breaking point and realized that within the stressful process of this video essay was what I sould really be considering.

I shot it all on digital video, using a Canon T2i, T4i, and a GoPro Hero3. The relationship between image and sound is a bit interesting because much of what I used in the final product was going to be used in my original idea, but I decided to keep it in to be consistent with my new approach of looking back at what I'm doing.

I probably learned more from making this video than any other video I've ever done. And that is part of what I discuss in the final cut. Theoretically and conceptually I learned how to take better control of my video. And on a technical level, I learned more than thought I was capable of.

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