Why write a text message if all you want to do is kick your friend's ass? Or kiss your girlfriend? With Noddler you can do things to your friends instead of just sending words again. It' fun and incredibly easy to use: Choose a contact, set an action and shake your iPhone. Your friend hears and sees instantly what you are doing to him, thanks to Apple’s Push Notifications.

✔ Connect with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and App.net
✔ Choose between 40 different actions from the following categories: Basic, Love, Pranks, Aggression, Bros, Girls, Consolation and Toon World -- each with a unique sound
✔ Share the fun and optionally post your action on Facebook, Twitter and App.net
✔ Reach your favorites quickly
✔ Temporarily mute individual users
✔ See recently sent and recieved actions
✔ Friends not using Noddler can be invited from inside the app
✔ All actions can be received without any In-App Purchase

Twitter: @noddlerapp
Facebook: facebook.com/Noddler
App.net: @noddler
Email: noddler@pleasantsoftware.com

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