As light filters through the leaves of the sacred Bodhi Tree, 10,000 Tibetan monks and nuns sit beneath its sheltering canopy and offer unceasing prayers for universal peace and awakening. Since its founding in 1989, this gathering, known as the World Peace Ceremony or the Nyingma Monlam Chenmo, has been held for ten days every year in Bodh Gaya, India. Devout practitioners of the Nyingma order of Tibetan Buddhism, a lineage known as the Ancient Ones, journey for hundreds of miles across the Himalayas and the region to this site with the intention of generating blessings for the entire world.

This film presents the story of a powerful renewal of an exiled people at the very source of their civilization, and is equally, a meditation on how their vast prayers and offerings have helped re-awaken one of the great power places on the planet. Here beneath the Bodhi Tree, the far-reaching vision and efforts of the ceremony's founder, Tibetan lama, Tarthang Tulku, have helped preserve Tibetan culture at a most critical time in its history.

Monumental offerings of Tibetan Buddhist texts and sacred art, produced by his small group of dedicated volunteers in America, have helped restore the endangered Tibetan heritage to the Tibetan communities in exile. A majestic testament to the commitment of the Tibetan people to a path of peace and compassion, the World Peace Ceremony demonstrates their resolve to uphold their ancient wisdom tradition for the benefit of all humanity.

Film Credits:
Pema Gellek - Director
Barry Schieber - Producer
Allen Moore - Cinematographer
Chelsi Bullard - Editor
Kelly Sky - Trailer Editor

A Guna Foundation Production

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