The aim of the piece is to show that there is a quality standard of football that isn’t highlighted by the media. It’s cheaper and has a more personal feel than the bright lights and untouchable players of the premier league.

With the amount of foreign talent in the premier league, it is having an impact on the amount of English/British talent playing in our own leagues. This has affected our national team and the lack of English talent resulting in the FA introducing a new scheme pledging to concentrate on non-league and youth football. He will be talking to the experts that know the lower leagues inside out and whether they have seen or think it will make any difference. Or are we doomed to decide whether we want, a great domestic league with an average national team or a great national team with an average domestic league?

The documentary is going to show different angles, with the fans being the main perspective alongside the directors and other relevant interviews showing other sides. The idea is to attend games and be amongst the fans as they go home and away watching non league football seeing the highs and lows showing their journey is as fun, exciting and passionate as any other football fans’. The connection they have with the players and the feeling of collectiveness at away games as well as home games.

A Bit from me

My Inspiration for producing the documentary derives from my passion of local football. Solihull moors is a historic club that has been part of the community for generations, in the place where I grew up. Its survival is based on fan support, which I feel it isn’t getting enough of.

From its transformation from Solihull Borough to Solihull Moors, fans of the club have stayed loyal. The support of the club is rich with quality but lacks in quantity, which is where non-league football strives to compete with the big leagues. The media thrust images of bright lights and Premier League superstars in front of young fans, which means the importance of playing locally and with pride for your community is lost. I want to make something that will visually engage audiences of all ages, to make them understand the importance of these underdog teams.

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