Brothers and Sisters….
We are glad you have found our little art project. You’re probably curious as to what Guzzled.org is, but before you can grasp our concept, it is important to realize what guzzled means.
To be “guzzled” is to settle for a life of meaningless labor and compulsive consumption. We have been misled by advertisements, the media, and each other to live this shallow, self-absorbed existence. We are each responsible for our own actions, but the people with the most influence in our world value their profit margins higher than our progress as a society.

We are allowing this corruption to become the norm in our lives, by buying their fuel, eating their corn chips, drinking the kool-aid and using their medications as directed. We have willfully consented to this substitute life and are not reaching our fullest potential as we have this human experience.

In today’s information age, there is really no excuse for a lack of education on these global issues. But there is a suppression of a lot of world news by the major media conglomerates. The television and other media sources use celebrity, sensationalism, and messaging to redirect our focus away from important social and environmental problems.

At Guzzled, we believe that “Art Changes the World,” and that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Art affects the way we see the world around us. We hope our website and public art campaigns will provoke people to educate themselves on the issues facing our world and encourage them to get proactive about positive change.

Our first public art campaign will be based around our logo and will be focused on the corruption of the big oil companies. We plan on focusing future campaigns to raise awareness of honorable causes, and standing up to the evil and corrupt institutions in the world.

We also believe in practicing what we preach, that is why will be donating 50% of all our proceeds to non-profit organizations. We want for Guzzled to be grounded in humility and charity. So, when someone purchases art or apparel from our website, they are not just fighting back they are helping someone else move forward.

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