At the request of the artist this video has been made private until released on 3" DVD remix album spring 2013

Video for the song Still And Always by artist Bryan Ruhe off his album "Easing" released on Cotton Goods Label in early 2013.

ruhe is the moniker of multi-disciplinary artist bryan ruhe.
he currently resides in la center, wa, thirty minutes north of portland, or.

as "ruhe," bryan creates warm and fragile soundscapes using magnetic audio tape, sampled vinyl records and field recordings. sometimes these sounds are given a new context with the application of digital treatment and processing. to date, he has released 3 short eps and and 1 full-length album across multiple formats, including cassette tape, audio cd, and the ubiquitous digital file. these works have been released by labels such as the audio gourmet netlabel (uk), don't be a stranger tapes + netlabel (ca, usa), unknown tone records (ok, usa), and cotton goods (uk). future works will see release on bryan's own label, clothbound recordings, as well as on a number of curated compilations.

bryan is also a visual artist working across multiple mediums, including paint, collage, various forms of printmaking, photography, and alternative photo process. apart from the work exhbited here, the summation of these skills can be seen in the books that he designs and assembles by hand for his own music label, clothbound recordings.

in both his audio and visual works, ruhe combines hands-on skills and tactile mediums with digital tools and technologies to create visually and aurally affecting hybrids, blurring the lines between visual art, sound, technology, and personal experience.

All music by Ruhe (
Film by Mark Kuykendall (


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