the sound is hard to hear. your ears may adjust.

Here is a transcription, parts of it were hard to get. Message me if you have a correction.

"I think this entire image of an artist has so much changed. I think artists have so much more responsiblity and a very clear function today. I don't think that art should happen in the nature, because the nature is perfect as it is. Art should happen in the sort of society as we are living now in... the idea of an art has to be so much more multidimensional. It is not just one meaning. If you say that art has to be- I don't know- [ ], I hate it. If you say it has to be political, I hate it too. It has to have multidimensional meaning.

The art has to actually first, predict future. The art has to be disturbing. The art has to have the power to actually open the world of the viewer. And also the art has to be spiritual in many ways. And that has to be political, and social, and so on. But only when it has the multi layers, art has a long life, otherwise if it is just one layer, society [ ] that's it. But every society in every kind of development has to use one layer. So I was thinking after all these years of my research in performance art, I have been taught that it is really important to unconditionall give to your own public and society and young artists- your knowledge. And to figure out how that knowledge can be used."

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