Professional actors, over $5 million in props, 200+ extras, and three weeks of production went into this Pre PROM PSA trailer!

This is video trailer for a production entitled "DECISIONS" which is part of a high school pre prom program called " The Last Dance" which was birthed out of Bartow County GA.

In 2010, 2,700 teens in the United States ages 16--19 were killed in vehicle crashes, 22% of them were DUI related.
Life is all about DECISIONS...
The full 11 minute PSA version of this production ends with testimony from three DUI victims and drivers, listen as they tell their horrific story as to how a poor DECISION changed their lives and killed others.

Many teens make poor decisions involving drinking alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately often times these poor decisions land them behind the steering wheel of a 3,000 lb. bullet called a vehicle, and more times than not the driver is the shuttle service for a vehicle full of victims.

The purpose of this particular PSA is to inform teens in a group setting about the repercussions that can take place revolving around DUI and the use drugs and/or alcohol. For more information involving the use of PSA within your facility please contact us at This presentation is intended to be accompanied by a live speaker that was affected majorly by DUI.

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All rights reserved. No part of this video/production may be reproduced, downloaded, or shown to it's intended audience (teens, groups or otherwise) in any form, without prior written permission of Xstream Videos.

SPECIAL THANKS to Audiomachine for granting the use of the music track: Brain Mismatch "Choir" & "No Choir"

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