Following her escape back to England, Madame joined the S.O.E the Special Operations Executive. It was set up by Churchill to conduct guerrilla warfare against the axis powers and aid the local resistance. She began training at a place the recruits called ‘the madhouse’ in all forms of combat, weaponry and intelligence.
On the 29th of April 1944 Madame parachuted back into France.
Under her parachute harness she wore a smart civilian costume, silk stockings, three quarter heeled shoes, overalls, then a camel hair overcoat. She carried one million Francs and plans in a large handbag, and two pistols by her side. Sewn into her sleeve was a cyanide capsule.
Nancy Wake (1912–2011) codenamed ‘Helene’ and ‘Witch’ became one of the most decorated allied servicewomen of World War II.
The Gestapo called her the ‘white mouse’ and in France she was known as ‘Madame Andrée’

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