Video Synopsis
Diego Suarez

When I think of drowning, I think of something being so powerful and overwhelming that you have to let it take over you; it’s very violent and abstract, but there’s a romance to it. “Drowning” is something horrific taking over you, but finding a romance and beauty to that trauma- whatever it may be.

Religion comes to mind when I think of drowning because there’s a sense of a higher consciousness and spirituality that is impossible to comprehend because you can’t quite understand the force. For me, the water is a way for something in nature to overwhelm itself and to take over for a moment, without permanent destruction, and to wash histories. It’s a sort of rebirth; this ephemeral cycle is always happing in nature, in society, and in our heads. Being overwhelmed can mean anything and it can have social, political, or literal interpretations.

This piece focuses on the senses, primarily visuals and sound, and doesn’t follow a narrative. It was very important to me for this not to make complete sense and to be alien and in some ways chilling with undertones of morbidity. There is death and life, rebirth and baptisms to wash away trauma.


Sculpture Synopsis:
Madisen Schorno

Following my final drawing assignment last semester, I wanted to improve upon it. After projecting an image onto the duralar, I saw my abstract image in a new way. It’s a pleasure to work with Diego and incorporate his video and audio talents into this project.

It’s been stated that drowning is most often quick and unspectacular; however most of us will never know. People in a drowning situation are unable to seek attention as breathlessness impacts their ability to yell for assistance and their life is gone in an instance. This gives new meaning to “silence is golden.”

Peace takes over the body and soul as they float beneath the water. The mere resemblance of sound, of a final breath, is eliminated by the noise of rolling water. Their difficulties of life, their pleasures of life, are taken away in seconds. Sacred moments

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