Under short notice, I did a show for reggae fusion band, Royal Khaoz. Royal KhaoZ boasts an six piece ensemble of music enthusiasts to create what they call Fusion-Reggae. Having formed this group only over a year, the band has accomplished what has taken well-seasoned musicians decades. They have shared stage with the original reggae band that backed the iconic Bob Marley--The Wailers, ska band The Big Takeover, reggae bands ROBANIC and Kiwi, and Bostonian blues singer Ingrid Gerdes, to name a few.

Currently the band is working on a debut album/CD comprising songs written and arranged by its revolutionary young members to be released sometime this year. They intend to challenge any audience to become a part of the unique experience and “dance, prance, and get lost in khaotic vibe.” They share that their sound is influenced by first-hand exposure to the legendary artistes they model like Bob and Dennis Brown, having grown up where reggae music was born-Jamaica. Tying these fundamental sounds with contemporary genres prove easy to this band and their tagline says all Royal Khaoz hopes to be here and now and years to come:
"An entrance with class and style - exit leaving destruction behind.”

This result is a 3 episode DOC series that showcases the Khaoz creativity can leave behind. Episode 2 and 3 showcases the Live performance.

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