Going on a tour during January in France is not a good idea but it's for
that reason that we and the Soma-boys thought it would be a good challenge
and an opportunity to get an original article for the magazine.
Well the worst you can imagine, happened, France and Belgium where covered
with snow and we lost 4 days of the trip waiting for the weather to get
better, but it just didn't happen.
Last option was to drive to the Mediterranean side of France where it's
always nice weather and where Volcom family-rider Victor Pellegrin
(injured) knows all the spots.
Like you'll see in this little edit, we only skated for about 2 days and a
half and what happened for the rest of the trip, I would say, go get the
latest Soma issue with Axel Cruysberghs on the cover and discover the rest
of our little adventure from the south to the north of France with Nassim
Guammaz, Axel Cruysberghs, Victor Pellegrin and tour-guest "Petit Ju"

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