This video was shot on Canon's 5D MarkII with a 2.8/24-70mm EF lens for a wonderful project of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg House of Photography. During six very long and very chilly nights in march 2013 I shot many long exposure time lapses in RAW while starry clear skies gave me the option to shot the three locations in perfect conditions for the postproduction. To make the shots more exciting I used my motorized and motion controlled Kessler Crane Cineslider with a lot of Kesslers accessories, what works perfectly together. Love it!

What challenged me really was, to set up my equipment and shot in sometimes complete darkness at up to minus -10 Celsius for hours and to build after the shooting in post production real looking lightstreaks shining from the rooftops of three buildings, because the Falcon 7.000 Watt beamlights wasn't installed at the locations for my shoot. Even light of the surrounding environment was missing at some locations. Exposure times up to 30 secs. were needed for some of the shots.

The postproduction was done on my new favorite tools for postproduction. Lightroom, Photoshop, Motion5, PremierePro (changed to after 22 passionate years on AVID MC (unbelievable!)). Postproduction was done in 7 very expanded days.

Thanks Deichtorhallen for the lovely project!

Project description:
To mark the opening of Internationale Bauausstellung IBA in Hamburg's presentation year, British artist Anthony McCall will realize a light project for Hamburg Deichtorhallen, which will begin on 22 March 2013. The project reimagines the »Leap across the Elbe« in visual terms. Three searchlights will project slender beams of white light towards one another from three different locations -- from the roof of the Spiegel building next to Deichtorhallen in the HafenCity, from the bunker in Wilhelmsburg, and from the Falckenberg Collection in Hamburg-Harburg, thus linking the Elbe island with both the north and the south banks of the river. Over the year, these three horizontal beams of light will progressively rotate their angles of direction so that, one by one, all sections of the city will become part of this symbolic leap.

Starting ninety minutes after sunset, »Crossing the Elbe« will be visible for 20-minutes every evening in most parts of the sky between Deichtorhallen Hamburg and Falckenburg Collection in Harburg.

The project is a collaboration between Deichtorhallen Hamburg and IBA. It was realized by Tim Hupe Architects. We are indebted to State Agency for Immovable Property and Real Estate Management and SPIEGEL publishers for their generous support.

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