Full lenght performance by theatre and dance company winter guests.
Drawing on references from cinema, television and theatre, “What’s Not to Love?” utilises many expressions to convey it’s singular message - 'there is nothing that cannot be loved' - nothing.  Based, in part, on scenes from the movie “All about Eve”, (the iconic Betty Davis Movie from 1950), “What’s not to love?” becomes an ironic meta-piece about life, ambition and the roles we play.

Text written by Alan Lucien Øyen is fused with scenes from “Six Feet Under”, “All about Eve” and improvised dialogue between the performers, to create a piece which rolls from irony and humour in to sadness and melancholy.  Garland performers such as Kate Strong, Yvonne Øyen and Anthony Rizzy throw themselves from one character and situation in to another in a Vaudeville of a show - lip-sync,  acting, singing, dancing (performed by the award winning Daniel Proietto), and... waiting.

“'What’s Not to Love' has something unusually genuine about it; a sort of passion that is rarely seen in a lot of contemporary art.“
- Svensk Danstidning


Choreographed and Directed by: 
Alan Lucien Øyen
Written by: Alan Lucien Øyen
Performed by: Daniel Proietto, Antony Rizzi, Yvonne Øyen and Kate Strong
Light Design: Torkel Skjærven
Sound Design: Gunnar Innvær
Technical Manager: Martin Flack
Costume Design: Ellinor Øyen
Stils Photography: Yaniv Cohen

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