Predrag Tasevski »Bullying of digital divide or not?«
The Internet is changing the average citizens as much as did other technologies, for instance: telephone, TV, computers, mobile phones etc. The mainly province was to help the science, engineering, and business. Many scholars, technologists, and social critics believe that these changes and the Internet, in particular, are transforming economic and social life (Robert , Micheal, Vicki, Sara, Tridas , & William , 1998). In the past few years, the scholars have done many researches to make a conclusion of difference in psychological and social tend of the Internet to the citizens. Therefore, the term “digital divide” is the gap that exists between those who have access to electronic and Information Technology – Internet and those who do not (University of Minnesota Duluth, 2011).

Whereby the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) set up could result in an order of restricting the universal access to the Internet. And representing a barrier to European development as an information, knowledge and technology society. In other words, could lead to the censorship of online content and control-restriction to the Internet's freedom, by intimidation the growth of electronic business, cultural exchange, as well as digital creativity.
In order to safe the Internet and to provide shelter to digital divide culture we will have to take actions.

Supported by Europe for Citizens Programme of European Union.

from Slovenia:
- INEPA – Inštitut za elektronsko participacijo,,
- Studio 12,,
- Dobrodelni klub Leo klub Murska Sobota, ,
- Društvo uporabnikov Linuxa Slovenija,;
- Hekovnik,,
- Zavod za študentske kulturne dejavnosti študentske organizacije,;

from Croatia:
- Splitska debatna unija
- HERMES – Hrvatska edukacijska i razvojna mreža za evolucijo sporazumevanja,;

from Portugal: Sociedade de Debates da Universidade do Porto,;

from Macedonia:
- Metamorphosis, Foundation for Internet and Society,
- Makedonski obrazovani forum - YEF - Youth Educational Forum,

from Romania: ARDOR Muntenia;

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