I'm not really sure where I’m going, only where I want to go, and even that I don’t really know. There is so much world to see and so many ways to see it. I’m going to film as much of it as I can and package it up for others to see. I want to document my journey with the people I meet and show others what the new generation of traveling is like.

I want to hear your travel stories, memories, and plans! Share your travel goals, tips, and unique experiences that you had with other people you met along the way. The friends you'll never forget because of the times you spent together away from home, and the liberating feeling that brings.

There's only have places I want to eventually see, nothing more than that. The people I meet and stay with will help determine my journey there. Sleeping on couches and meeting with locals can prove to be a more enriching travel experience than one would think. I plan to meet with old friends and new ones I meet along the way. Where I end up is determined by the people that welcome me to their homes, show me around their cities, and the plans they have in store.

Follow my journey and see where it leads me as I try to see the world from a new perspective.


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