"Eloise" is the lead track from the independent debut "Raven" from Grammy winning artist Paula Cole. Words and music are by Paula Cole, direction of the video by Martha Jayne Wayne and photographer Erica McDonald. Eloise is the first single to be taken from Paula Cole’s album released on April 23, 2013 on 675 Records.

From Paula/USA Today: The “haunting” song is “a story of jealousy and infidelity told in verbal shadows and snapshots” which the video aptly captures by re-editing footage from old public-domain filmes, “one of them literally came from a film called Jealousy,” explains Paula. “It was about how a woman is supposed to be so faithful and wonderful in her marriage, as is a man, and it showed the man kind of coming apart and her thinking about straying. Those images were perfect. These are little snapshots of America that illustrated the narrative so perfectly.”



Prelinger Archives content licensed under Creative Commons. Nordlandsbanen: minute by minute, season by season content licensed under Creative Commons. Source: NRKbeta.no nrkbeta.no/2013/01/15/nordlandsbanen-minute-by-minute-season-by-season/


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