A documentary by Marina Gioti & Georges Salameh (in development)
Produced by Haos Film & MeMSéA

Alan Bishop, groundbreaking American-Lebanese musician and ethnomusicologist (Sun City Girls, Sublime Frequencies, Alvarius B), decides to move to Cairo, soon after the 2011 revolution, and teams up with young Egyptian musicians for an ambitious new project: the translation of some of his old, unreleased songs into Arabic. Two years later—while the Egyptian ‘spring’ is melting into a democratically appointed Islamic ‘winter’—this project evolves into a band called The Invisible Hands, a new record, and a tour.
How did an album that could have surfaced in Bishop’s discography decades ago find its way into the future, translated into another language, and juxtaposed with such historic and tumultuous times at the center of the Arab world? How will this musical offering and translation experiment be received by audiences around the world and Arab countries in particular?

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