Agent Red and Crash Alchemy present a creative and fantastic experience - the 4th annual South by Southwest Street CRASH, recently named "Best Street Art of SXSW" by Kit O'Connell

What is a CRASH? It's an improvised, surprise flash mob-style performance with very real people seeming more and more surreal until characters stories explode into performance.

The whole event depends on YOU creating your own character and story OR choosing to participate in the main storyline below.

This year, Crash Alchemy is moving into new fantastic territory with incredible new members, and created a Robo-dance just for the CRASH. And this is just the beginning.

Plus, this year, we collaborated with Yago De Quay in interactive sound technology.

2013 theme:
“I am a robot. No really, I am.”

The story:
Sometimes we look back on our life and wonder "where did that time go while I was running through the automatic motions of my life?"

This year, we addressed one of the elements of madness in our culture: the need to organize, produce, develop, or consume, compulsions, automatic behavior and reactions, circular thinking and the the paralysis of a robot who wants to be human.

This year was bigger and better than ever before thanks to the facilitation of Clever Maven.

Crash Alchemy
CRASH members
Genevieve Schmidt
Poet Powell
Agent Red
Phillip Wainright
Chelsea Laumen
Eric Scott Baker
Yago De Quay

other members:
Brynn Route
Chris Lundberg
Kate Parlee

Matt Moldover
Ramrattan Grace
Fiona Robinson
Mark Bonus
Dante Schuffield
Kangaroo Sexy
Kathryn Porter
Laura Dixon
Patrick Rech
Marisa Peterson
Lindsay King
Johnny Ritenour
Stephanie Stewart
Kiel Schmidt
Sam Monreal
Kate Parlee

Special thanks to the Photographic Generosity of Damian Schillaci, Clayton Hodges, Kit O'Connel, Ed Lehman, and Joe Bussey. Video shot by David Brewer and Tom Carroll of Atomic Moment. Video edited by Agent Red.

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