In LOST CHILD? filmmaker Gregory Ruzzin invites you along on a lighthearted journey as he uses his camera to bridge an ever-widening gap between himself and his sister Alyssa, whom he sees only at obligatory family Christmases.

After decades apart, Ruzzin and his sister struggle to reconnect as adults, and Ruzzin and his film meander into ever-deeper waters as her complex reality dismantles his imagined vision of his “little sister’s” life. What begins as Ruzzin’s attempt to salvage his withering relationship with his younger sister evolves into a journey of discovery, ultimately resulting in a vibrant and moving portrait of Alyssa Ruzzin, who struggles with epilepsy and a developmental disability as she makes a life for herself in Evanston, Illinois.

Often humorous and always inspiring, Alyssa is open, honest, and painfully articulate. She tells it like it is, without pretense or agenda, and along the way she wins your heart…and her brother’s too.

To learn more about the film, purchase a copy, or arrange a screening visit the film's website at:

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